Interested in photographing urban classic cars? Here are some tips & tricks to improve your urban classic car photos:

[title]Urban locations[/title]
The location is very imporatant. Where you photograph the car will make a big impact on how the photo will look like. Try to find atmospheric urban street areas.

Search for urban locations

[title]It’s all in the detail[/title]
Take multiple photographs of different areas like the rear or front lights, the emblem or other specific body parts you like.Try different angles and altitudes, don’t hesitate to get low to the ground.

It's all in the detail

[title]50mm lens[/title]
I use a 50mm 1.8 lens. This lens is perfect for outdoor scenes. Select the smallest possible aperture between 1.8-2.8.

50mm lens

[title]The best light[/title]
We’ve all heard about “magic hour” those hours around sunrise and sunset that produce the best natural-light photography. Not only does the lighting direction change throughout the day, but the color changes as well, from cool before sunrise to warm just after sunrise. These are the best moments for your classic car photo!

Natural light

So if you want to improve your classic car shot do not just look only at the car, but look around it to be sure that your reflection is not visible in the car . Good luck!

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